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Is Twitter Useful To Promote Website That You Have Tried Hard To Make?
Millions of websites are created every day. All makers hope for a visit by potential clients. Unfortunately, with only friends and families visiting their sites, whatever website hosts may say, many websites are facing 'loneliness.' In a competitive world there are many sad stories. Unless rightly played, blog, Facebook, article and even video placements don't bring any audience. In this scenario, let's see if Twitter works. Although the recent Iranian uprise didn't gain much, using different technology than websites and therefore being not quite amenable to a 'ban,' its use by Iranians as news givers and by the rest as news gatherers made Twitter very popular. In fact, with it giving news earlier than conventional 'breaking news', business men seeing incoming clicks and it being part of social network, it's becoming a household name. But then, does Twitter help ordinary websites like this one? Almost looking like chaos, Twitter seems to be a site, where everybody is trying to sell or draw attention to their own products or services. It almost seems to be like a party, where everybody speaks but nobody listens. In fact, many a times, reading those messages are painful. But then, since companies are at it, it must have something. There are, in fact, three tricks to bring clicks to your site. Follow others: Apart from your friends and families, you have to find others to make them follow you. There are 3 groups of people, whom you can follow. A. Just any Twitterer: Although this will increase your followers, it may bring the less valued, not interested ones. B. Ones who have same keywords: Aided by Twitter itself, found shared keyword ones can bring sensible people interested in your tweets. But it also, brings competitors. C. Ones who have high following low follow ratio: Although finding this lot is painful, it could include top notches in the field, celebrities, even big shots. Even if they don't follow you, their twitting might help you. Continued..
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