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Although pay per click offers immediate visitors to your site, they are costly and are not recommended. Once made, sites have to be submitted to the search engines. There are several major search engines. Google is by far the most important of these. In addition, there are 1000s of local search engines or directories. While submitting to the major ones is a must, submitting to the rest needs help. Either use a free service or use a paid service. http://www.Sicksubmitter.com  Search engines scan social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc daily. If you have links from those sites, search engines will notice your site without even submitting it. If not, search engines may take between 2 to 6 weeks to show your website in the search results. There is no need to submit your site every month. Once search engine have your record they simply crawl periodically looking for change. Pics and videos get higher ranking much easily than do sites. Don’t forget to submit them. Right click your picture to get the web address for submission.
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