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Ranking top in search engine Proper play with keywords Play with keywords choosing keywords
In  order to get more clicks from search engine, your site has to appear in the first 3 positions,if not at the top. There are THREE factors that help higher ranking: Although older domain helps, unless you buy old website you cannot help. Keyword choice, density, size, site, and relevance in combination can make a break a website. Although ‘general’ keywords bring max clicks, they are highly competitive and are difficult to get to the top of search engines results. Narrower the keyword (keyword combination) easier it is. E.g. women’s empowerment is less competitive than empowerment; book on women’s empowerment is easier. Book on women’s empowerment in London is much easier. At its extreme your name as keyword, can easily reach the top page but won’t bring any clicks as few search for your name. The idea is to look for keywords that are less competitive yet get relatively more  CLICKS.                                                               
Placing keywords
Although more keywords enhances desired density, putting keywords left right and centre, can even be penalised. Keywords have to be relevant. But then, miss no opportunity to put keywords in the allowed fields. They can be placed at the domain name, heading, subheading, metatag, pics and text. Having a keyword in domain is excellent. Address for other pages eg ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’ should have keywords rather than ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’. Remember page name and the tab name don’t have to be same. Your tabs need to have them.  Place as much keyword as possible in the metatag description. Positioning keyword closer to the top as a headline with at least 32 size is good.  Opportunity to put keywords as tags in pictures should not be missed. Insert as many relevant keywords in the text.
Change in kewords Keywords good for Google keywords