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Is Twitter, Facebook or Google The Best Social Netoworking Site For Your Message Spread?
Although not quite for photographers or good for campaigners, it is good for ‘newscasters’. And when titanic rivalry is added, irate Facebook turns nice when campaigns against it is let loose here. It suddenly grabs a ‘messiah.' Even ordinary sinners couldn’t ask for more. GAPS:  This ‘messiah,' however, has gaps. While allowed 140 characters restrict & deleting alone, not editing, is possible if faulty, even if correct. Follower @ PC is crucial – lest it vanish down under. In addition, unless retweeted, like posts, message are seen by the addressee alone. Although created as a social facility, with most sending invites to their sites & products, it’s getting as ‘commercial’ as Christmas. Consequently, diagnosing bigwigs, if not an outright celebrity, following few & many followers alone seem to air in the realm of ‘people talk & listen’ – as it was designed. Diagnosing a propagator with many tweets, 10K following &10K followers endorses ‘everybody talks, nobody listens.' While the former has landed irate leaders in political soup, the latter brings little soup despite a large following. While 0 tweets & 100 followers either surprises or airs auto-follow, @tweet from 0 following airs spam that needs blocking. Seeing ideal in human dealings – even in making & breaking ties (follow/unfollow), while this social construct dislikes & disallows automation, getting overloaded by 1K ac. creators, it hates software. With it protectively altering rules & canceling accounts without reason, earned 40K followers & brand username can just vanish. Suddenly, it as ‘cancellation king’ isn’t baseless. GOOGLE+ Although a brandless baby born in June 2011 & is fighting against mighty brands like Facebook & Twitter, Google+, also spoken of as Google Plus or  just G+, by November, was able to deliver Google pages for firms. But then, how does this thinking baby fare against the other two grownups? WITH TWITTER: Matching Twitter, following doesn’t need an okay here. The message can be made public; its share button mimics RT & + mimics Twitter’s @. But then, Google+ messages aren’t limited by ‘140’ & tend to last longer. While they can be commented upon & even Google plussed to add honor, adding beauty editing of pics adds to honor of photographers who relish it. WITH FACEBOOK: Like in Facebook, messages can be commented upon, pics tagged, chat done, games played and pages created here. Unlike Facebook, however, following doesn’t need one’s OK, messages can be made public & access to public messages don’t need following. Editing of mistakes here has been a great bonus for scribes, who are increasingly using it. BEYOND BOTH: Splitting views into private & public, we do not wish to share all our views to the public, as in Twitter or even to all our followers, as in Facebook. Almost mimicking targeted ads, its system of putting people into circles e.g., friends, family, colleagues etc, & then targeting messages at them gives them full control. Selecting even persons, it mimics emails. Almost reminding us of the free airing of sins to the churchman, this in fact lessens fear & enhances expression. In the stream, while easy editing and not the deleting alone of text errors has greatly helped scribes, the editing of pics has almost made it an arts gallery for keen photographers. More than RT, both visible ‘What’s hot’ & less visible and less used Sparks brings top stories that enhance followings. As if tracing, Digg, its +1 button recommends a story, not just to followers but to the world. With there being nothing called natural search results, it loving its baby & desperately wanting to enhance its growth spurt, Google proudly boasts +1 in its search results & loves sites that have the icon. While this can bring sites to its first page, Google, as a dinosaur of searching species, can convert those results to clicks. Although all have mobile apps it allows real-time group chat. When all is said & done, unlike in others, data can be downloaded & made one’s own. Although its +page, allows firms to express sectors like in Facebook, it’s the less known & rather brashly named ‘Hangout’ that is causing a gold rush like Facebook’s Fan page. Although audio/visual exchange isn’t new, it’s the double screen & real-time interaction with 10 people at a time that makes this special. Giving a sense of all watching in a room, while YouTube video in one & author in the other screen itself gives an anchor effect, live performance even makes one a star. While this made the Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu interact when Chinese weight was too big to allow the Lama entry to the African tip nation, it has made one lady sell records. Furthermore, while power point & other presentations make it a webinar, live corrections of files & their sharing effectively makes it a round table conference. With the addition of ‘it’s free’ makes it ‘God given’ even to atheists with small business & big ideas, the addition of ‘mobile hangout’ erases the ‘held up in traffic’ excuse. While social sites have changed ways of ordinary mortals, going further than this, it is also changing the ways of firm mortals. While it makes Skype marrying Facebook visibly sweat, its need for plug-ins, not large download as in Skype, makes even the latter quietly perspire. Its ‘Google on air’ broadcast could irritate broadcasters. PROBLEMS: All good things aren’t always good. While imagination of Google becoming the all knowing future church can bring fear, both its secretive & freely expressed texts can bring conjugal discontent. Addiction foments another fear. FINALLY Not being a cartel like of petrol, the clash of the titans benefits ordinary mortals & makes them the winners. If, however, I was forced to put my money on 1, I would go for Google plus. But then, if let loose, tracing Warren Buffet, not putting all his eggs in a basket or supermarket’s ‘every little helps’ I would choose all 3 & call myself wise. But then again, the allied app, SGPlus, allows access to the other two right at Google+!! --------------------------
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