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Does First Page Google Rank Bring Massive Traffic To Your Beautiful Website?
1. Bookmark: Whenever you visit a site and you like it, you can bookmark it. This means that you don’t have to remember the web address of that site again. Bookmarking will also remind you of a forgotten site that you visited a long time ago. Unless you organize the bookmark, however, it can easily become messy. Originally designed for one’s own computer, now you can share your bookmarks with the world like in Yahoo bookmarks. 2. Website address: If not bookmarked and especially if your bookmark is messy, you can type the web address to go to the site. This is the reason why companies try to choose the addresses (domain name) that are easy to remember. 3. Links: For a website, links have two benefits. They can enhance the PR ranking of a site and also bring potential customers who click them. Links can come from articles, discussion forums, YouTube, pictures and what not. No wonder, we travel from one site to another clicking links. And when you do so, you land up in amazing pages that you never thought existed! From the above, it is clear that unless your keyword is competitive and is placed right at the top (at least the first three positions), first page ranking alone does not give you many clicks. Instead, you can try your luck on making your domain name simple and easy to remember. And try the art of link building. In the later case, besides clicks, it also helps in Google rank. ----------------------------------
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