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How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Beautiful Site Using Google And High PR Sites?
We all need massive traffic to sell goods, get offers, or just to make audience aware of ideas, skills or corruption in the land. Although pay per click in search engines brings quick traffic, at even $2 per click, it drains companies very rapidly. Free traffic that helps us can come from two mutually helping sources. 1. SEARCH ENGINES Although Google brings more clicks than others, ask paid SEOs - it isn't easy. Unlike the 'best in town' of yesterday, today's rivalry is global. Besides, only the 1st three placements bring clicks and the 2nd page position brings very little. Although its working secret is unknown, even to SEOs, we know some. With it having to offer keywords in a header or substance of results, and as a responsible company needing authentic sites, especially when faced with millions of crap sites, it adheres to criteria and chooses two ways. A. Site scanning- It scans whole site, understands it (creates its own keyword and description), looks for any keyword in header and contextual keyword in the text to justify its listing. This makes site map, description and keyword submission less vital, and unless contextual, increasing keyword density, less fruitful. B. Link scanning- Seeking more support with a team spirit, it sees links from other sites, in the form of text, article, video, book mark or comment as offering reference to the site. Interestingly, if the referring site has big turnover e.g. networking sites, which it scans daily, site listing in Google becomes quick. If the site has Google accepted high PR, it helps ranking. Hence the craze for links. However, alerted by software aided fake links from crap sites, while it disregards links from less reliable sites, it dislikes sudden rise in any links. 2. FROM OTHER SITES- After your article, video, etc. are posted, surfers find them through the site's mini-search. The more popular the site is (Alexa ranking) and the more popular your keywords are, the more traffic will find your article. Once found and liked, more will visit your site. Even if not, you don't lose, for those as links will form reference for Google. If they are respected sites like EzineArticles.com or YouTube (high PRs) you'll get a double whammy of both your article and your site getting high Google ranking. While the article itself can give fame, despite being a roundabout method of Google traffic to the article on your site, Google's search volume can give big results. GETTING THE BEST 1. Keyword focus: Sadly, only the 1st three positions in Google bring traffic, and the 2nd page brings very little. Although unsearched keywords e.g. name easily get 1st place, it brings nil traffic. Although women, women's empowerment, women's power, women power, and book on women power as keywords fit our site, while getting top place for less searched last is easy, for more searched 1st, it's hard. Focusing on the middle keyword with more searches but less rivalry becomes prudent. Thankfully, Google itself helps here. 2. With video marketing getting a new buzz and making it not being hard these days, short (5 min), unusual and funny videos can bring clicks, even fame. If not; increasing 'likes' can push videos up in YouTube. Video has less rivalry than site. 3. Multiple submissions: Although submitting text, articles, etc. to multiple high PR sites helps, competitive keywords might need 100s or more links. Needing membership, submitting to many sites is painful. However, based on mutual benefit, some sites submit videos to multiple sites; others, with a click of a button, submit articles, bookmarks, and texts to many of sites, even for FREE. If needed, next article can mention them, even talk about keeping people in the site.
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