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 Although ignorance and lack of time has made web designers make money, even ordinary folks with less cash can make beautiful websites.  Although html knowledge was important before, now web designing gadgets have made it easy to make websites, providing templates they have made it much easier. Further to designing website, this is the day and age of plugins. Plugins are html codes that form functioning units eg forms, Facebook likes. Many enthusiasts make free plugins.    Today’s designing software have templates. You just have to select templates and add your texts and plugins. The good thing about your design is that, when you change the host you can take your files.  Once you finish designing you have to upload those files to your host site using FTP servers. You can add flash elements to make the site better looking. FREE SOFTWARE: http://www.wordpress.org  It has helped millions. PAID SOFTWARE: http://www.magix.com  Here you can get flash elements and even 3 D makers  
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     The subscription is both for website entigrated software and These allow you to make brilliant websites and even host your site, once you decide to change your host, however, you lose your files.       http://www.wix.com Is a flash site. The upside is you can easily make beautiful looking site. Although Google finds flash sites hard to read, this site says it is designed for Google. Having to download the whole site, the downside is that it takes time to download. http://www.homesteadprofessional.com This site’s software can make beautiful website but the pages work only for that site.