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     Backlinks from other sites are the mainstay in the ranking of websites. Links are an endorsement of a websites activity and contents. Search engines rely on these. Back link from search engines respected search engines can dramatically change a sites ranking. 1. The links written in other sites have to be clickable. 2. If there is a keyword in the link, that is good for that keyword ranking. 3. The higher the PR rank of the website where the link is placed, the better is the ranking of your site in Google. A link from Yahoo has much more value then link coming from less known site. 4. Links can offer double benefit. People can notice and click them and come to your site. Even if they don’t Google will notice them and your rank will be higher. 5. MAKE ASSOCIATED GADGETS: Make videos, audios, text ads, banners and articles in relation to your site. Post them in relevant sites. They offer more opportunity for backlinks. 6. CIRCULAR LINK: These websites can be linked to one another to give a compound effect. However, somehow, Google is said to dislike it. 1. LINK EXCHANGE – You can write to other sites that share the niche to insert your link in their site in exchange of their link in your site. 2. BOOK MARK – You can use the bookmark facility offered by high PR sites like yahoo, Digg etc 3. COMMENT—You can make a signature and post your comment to news or blog stories. 4. BLOGS – You can use facilities offered by blogspot.com and Wordpress.com to build blogs. In these you can put links to your site. 5. ARTICLES- Articles can express your websites philosophy even better. You can submit articles to article receiving sites. In it you can put a couple of back links. Higher the PR of the receiving site, the better. 6. VIDEOS—Video as an independent tool helps you in many ways. It makes people aware of your site. In the description area you can insert a link. You can upload your video to video accepting sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc. Or have your own video blog. MAKING VIDEO: http://www.magix.com  post it. PREV: KEYWORD SELECTING                 NEXT: AUTOMATE PROPAGATION                                                              
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7. Facebook: You can get backlinks from Facebook. Facebook, of course, helps propagation of your site in many ways. 8. TWITTER: Irrespective of the number of followers, you can have links in your twitter site. When others retweet your tweet it forms an external link to your site. If they include your story in Twitter newspaper then it forms a link. 9. SOCIAL SHARING SITES: You can put your site in high PR sites eg Digg.com, Stumble upon, They do make a difference in ranking. 10. EBOOK: Make ebook for Free and