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Web designing
      Professional look is desired. Although simplicity has got its own charm, unusual look helps. Enticing a ‘How did they do that?’ helps. Rather than bland red green etc., choose intermediate colours. Moving items do attract. Chose multiple squares of different colours. The texts should not be difficult to read due to bad contrasts but should be clear. Picture conveys a 1000 word. Brighter made pictures mesmerises. Use photo editor. The first page can be ‘Enter’ or ‘Home’ page. Surfing time span is very short as people make up their minds about a web page within seconds. People focus on the left side of the page more. So should you. Turning back from the first page is called bouncing and 70% bounce rate is always bad. Although Meta tag, that offers a brief description of the site, was important before, now powerful search engines scan every bit of the site. Making a sitemap is, however, said to be useful. Links between pages helps but don’t overcrowd a page with links though. Flash sites are not generally Google friendly unless they have an associated version. Having to   download the whole site instead of  a page, flash site are notoriously slow to download. Flash items fare better. Although plain html is the fastest to download, inserting many gadgets and graphics can slow even that single page.          
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      Have Tabs and links to go to different pages. Make drop down menu in tabs if you have more pages than tabs can accommodate.       FAQ page helps in understanding of your products and your company.             With their being many fake sites, confidence building is a must. These help:      Express your goals and motto here. People may have sympathy for your cause.       Giving telephone number is the best. If not       yours, you can give a shared telephone number. A shared telephone can have a staff, who can answer queries posed by customers. If not telephone postal address is second best. For easy communication email address is very useful. Since emails can go missing companies today offer ticket system, where the answer is posted in the company’s website itself.
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